Framed Prints

In addition to mounted prints we also offer you the choice of buying your prints ready framed.
All of our framed prints come in wooden frames with MDF backing board and are ready to hang on your wall. For safety reasons all frames sent out via mail come with crystal clear acrylic glazing. This is just as clear as traditional glass but is not only safer but also lighter.
If you have chosen the option for us to deliver your print/s ourselves (see pricing & delivery) then we are more than happy to provide traditional glass.

We currently have a choice of three styles and colours of frame to chose from;

A 30mm wide Flat frame with a black wood grain finish. A modern contemporary style that suits most images and fits in well in any environment from modern office to traditional lounge. A great choice for drawing attention to the actual image rather than the frame itself. Looks particularly good when showing off a number of same sized prints on a single wall.

Natural Oak
Similar in style to our black frame this oak frame is also suited to any image. Particularly suited to those who prefer a lighter airy feel to their frames and for rooms/ homes with pastel shades. Looks good in conservatories/sun rooms. It is
slightly larger than the black frame at 32mm.

A 30mm moulded frame frame in dark wood with a gold line around the inner edge. This frame is particularly well suited for showing off the more traditional subjects or black and white images. A good choice for those with more traditional homes and decor (as well as tastes) where with the right choice of image it will sit happily alongside your Constable or Rembrandt.

For our square and panoramic prints we currently only offer frames in black but if you would like an alternative please ask.

N.B. In order to deliver your order as quickly as possible we use more than one supplier for our frames and like most things in life not all things are equal so if you have previously ordered framed prints from us and want an exact match then please let us know when placing your order so we can check our records to ensure we use the same supplier.